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PDF Catalogue. Album · Antonangeli Illuminazione · Artemide · Asfour Crystal · Axo Light · B.Lux · Barovier& Toso · Bejorama S.L. · Catellani&Smith · De Majo. Page 1. Page 2. 160x160 cm. 250 cm. Item Gisele EX06_K. Led chandelier (led stick 290W). Finish: black rhutenium colour plated. Lampshades: clear. Patrizia Garganti S.r.l. Via Lucchese, 39 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) - Italy. Ph. +39 055 310607 - Fax +39 055 310637

An example of a kind of “tailor made” Made in Italy, Patrizia Garganti's creations sweep us into the lighting design dimension, which employs the artful skills. ©2011 - Patrizia Garganti s.r.l. - Preview collection BESPOKE LIGHTING DEIGN 02. Page 9. Page 10. Art, Photo & Graphic Project. Каталог Baga 25th Anniversary скачать · PDF каталог Baga XXI Century скачать. Каталог Baga XXI Century скачать · PDF каталог Patrizia Garganti BeSpoke. Pablo designs circa suspended lamps new item value priced Suspended lamps with flat-panel LED disc that moves fluidly above its axis point. Hover over catalog image to download a pdf or to add it to your hard-copies request. If requesting hard copies, . Patrizia Garganti BAGA. Request Art direction graphics colour selections and print. BESPOKE is a trade mark produced and distribuited by: Patrizia Garganti S.r.l. Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) - Italy.

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